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Freezer Beef Prices

What to Expect When Purchasing in Bulk?


1/4 steer- Approximately $500 for about 100 lbs of meat.

1/2 steer- Approximately $1,000 for about 200 lbs of meat.

Whole steer- Approximately $2,000 for about 400 lbs of meat.

Breakdown on Pricing

 You would pay $3.00/lb. of hanging weight of the animal and also pay the  processing fee to the butcher, which is $.45/lb. of hanging weight.

 For reference, a steer with a live weight of  1,100 lbs will have a hanging weight of about 600 lbs. Purchasing the whole steer would be $3.00 x 600 lbs = $1,800.  The processing cost for a  whole cow would be close to $250.  That brings you to just  over $2,000 with all expenses included. The total meat you could expect from that cow would be 400  lbs.  All of that to say you'd be paying approximately $5.00/lb for  grass-fed, non-GMO, hormone & antibiotic-free steaks, roasts, ground beef, etc. You would arrange with the  butcher how you would like your portion cut (# of steaks, roasts, etc.)

Share the Grass-fed Love

Talk with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and consider going in together on a steer and divide the meat up the way you see fit! 

Bulk Pork Pricing

Buying by the 1/2 or Whole

Our pasture-raised, non-gmo, hormone & antibiotic-free pork is available for purchase by the 1/2 or whole hog.  Pricing for this way is $2.30/lb of hanging weight. There is also a processing fee paid to the butcher of approximately $.45/lb of hanging weight. 

The average hanging weight of our hogs is 220 lbs.


Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding pricing, processing, etc.  We will be happy to talk it through with you!

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